Eminent People: Introducing Evita

I know that, like every woman of the people, I have much more strength than I appear to have. -Eva Perón

Eva Perón, or Evita, was a truly inspiring character— a prime example of a well-known person using their platform for a good cause. Her work on women’s suffrage issues revolutionized feminism in Argentina. Despite her controversial ways, it’s indisputable that Eva changed the role of women in not only her country but in all governments moving forward.

In 1919, Eva Perón was illegitimately born into a poor household with dreams to act on the big screen. At age 16, she moved to Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, to pursue a career in acting; she eventually got a job as a radio personality and was soon one of the most well-known voices in the country. She met Juan Perón at a benefit for a recent earthquake and the two soon became close. Days after Juan was released from a short period of military incarceration, Eva and Juan were married in 1945. After Juan Perón’s successful presidential campaign in 1946, Evita became extremely involved in government affairs, including the launch of a campaign for women’s suffrage— a law that was eventually passed. This campaign is often credited with being the gateway for women gaining the right to vote in Argentina. Evita also spent a great deal of time managing the “María Eva Duarte de Perón Welfare Foundation” or “Eva Perón Foundation”. This foundation took money from large corporations and factories and redistributed it in the form of clothing, medicine, and food, as well as larger projects such as hospitals and schools. This work, although controversial, seized the hearts of many, which eventually led to thousands of Evita supporters, or descamisados, throughout the country.


The widespread support of Evita and her ideas eventually led to her Vice-President nomination for Juan’s second term. Her supporters were extremely vocal about their nomination, and their protests began to verge on violent. Although she wanted to take the job, she was forced to decline due to her inadequate health condition. Her refusal to run as VP was publicized by Evita in an emotional speech directed at the crowd below her; this moment is likely the most famed moment in her life.

Evita worked passionately on issues that I find important, and I find her dedication and ambition admirable. Although I find her inspiring, I’d say that we have very little in common. Eva was born into a broken family in Argentina before working her way up to the First Lady; it’s likely that I’ll be unable to relate to some aspects of her journey due to differences such as these. However, I feel that I may be able to relate to her ambition and her “do what you have to do” mindset. This mindset made her enemies but also built her up to where she was. In juxtaposition, the decisions she made were strikingly larger and more important, but I do find myself making smaller, but somewhat comparable decisions in everyday life.

In conclusion, I find Evita’s work impressive; her ambition, dedication, and consistency are all traits I admire. Next, I plan to continue my research on the specifics of her political career and further understand her influence on government. I look forward to shedding light on someone whom I see as an underappreciated historical figure and I earnestly hope that others recognize and understand the effect she’s made.


“THE HATE U GIVE” Response I

For my scene, I’ve selected the scene after the party where Starr watches Khalil get shot by the police officer. In this scene, I found Starr’s ability to keep calm and collected admirable, especially since she’s in such a nerve-racking situation. “My heart pounds loudly, but Daddy’s instructions echo in my head: Get a good look at the cop’s face. If you can remember his badge number, that’s even better.” Although she knows the precautions she has to take, I imagine that it would be difficult to remember everything in a high-pressure environment. Aside from this, the scene also brings out the caring part of her personality when she risks her life to aid Khalil.

During this scene, Starr begins to think back on Natasha’s death. ”Khalil looks at me, stunned. He falls to the ground. I’m ten again, watching Natasha drop.” When she starts to see the parallels between her current situation and Natasha’s death, she hopes that Khalil knows what to do in their position. She’s afraid that Khalil will end up like Natasha, a fear that unfortunately becomes a reality.

Fortunately, I’ve never been in the situation that Starr is in, and expect that I never will be. The emotions and worries that she experienced are incomprehensible to me, and I can only do my best to describe what she felt. Although I like to think that I’d handle the situation the same way as Starr, realistically, I don’t think I’d have the willpower to act calmly in her situation. The only thing that I can even compare to her experience is the feeling of being so afraid that you feel like you can’t move. Based on my experience, I likely would be unable to follow safety measures when in this state. Starr however, was able to “keep her cool”, which I find very impressive.

Dad is Dying

Throughout the story, Sam continuously lied in order to save his reputation; in the process, his lies change the lives of his family and friends. But, in the end, were his lies worth it? I believe that Sam’s lies ultimately cause more good than harm. At the beginning of the story, both of Sam’s parents are falling into the mundane rhythm of adult life. They’re spending less time with their family, spending more time working, and more time worrying. Once word gets around that Dave is dying, the family is flooded with love and support from neighbors and old friends. Although by the end, Sam has acknowledged his moral misdoings and the fact that he must right his wrongs, he realizes that his family had ultimately gained from his lies: “This wasn’t the place where he had to set things right. Everything was already alright here. He had to set things right at school.” Despite the circumstances, the sudden support from others reminded Morley and Dave what life is all about: spending time with the people around you and enjoying the little things in life.


 I think that Chris would be the best theoretical roommate for me. When reading her description, I got the impression that Chris is a laidback, easygoing person. In her application, it seemed that she was really open and didn’t add any unnecessary information.  If her writing style reflects her personality, she would avoid drama and conflict. Personally, I find drama redundant, and I tend to get annoyed if a friend creates useless conflict. In addition to this, Chris seems like a loyal, trustworthy friend. She states this herself when she writes: “when I’m your friend, I’m really your friend.” I will never truly feel comfortable with a friend without these traits; I need to be able to trust someone in order to become close friends. In conclusion, I think that Chris would be the best roommate for me.  

Digital Footprint Assignment

Given the way that technology is quickly gaining a stronger influence on our daily lives, more and more employers, schools, and other people in power will turn towards the internet to get information on any person under consideration for a position. Even if your online presence isn’t inherently negative, an applicant with a positive presence will be much more likely to receive a position than an applicant with a blank slate. For example, if the university I’ve applied to is doing a background check, and if they find no results, they might be hesitant about what kind of person I am outside of school. However, if I put effort into my online portfolio, the school might find a professional looking collection of work and explanations of other things I do inside and outside of school. Alternatively, an employer may be unsure of who they should hire; between two applicants, if one person has a blatantly negative online presence, they will likely be taken out of consideration.

There are many ways to ensure your digital footprint is mainly positive. The first thing you should do is set your account settings to private, and don’t accept any followers whom you don’t know. Remember, this isn’t foolproof, but it will keep most people from accessing your posts. Alternatively, you can keep a portfolio of any accomplishments and recognitions you want to display. When employers search for your name, they’ll find a collection of positive additions to your portfolio. However, the simplest way to do so is to remember that, even if your account is private, anything posted online should be something that you could show to anyone and not be embarrassed. You never know who’ll be able to access your posts in the future.

Personally, I feel that in the past I’ve been relatively safe online. However, I would give other students and younger people this advice: remember that everything you do online is there forever. You can leave a positive or negative presence in your wake, and nothing you do is truly anonymous.